Best Ways to Save on Summer Vacation

With school letting out and sultry summer days ahead, it's time to start thinking vacation. Because it's a supply-and-demand world, you'll likely be up against higher airfare, hotel costs and car rental rates. But here are some tips to help keep things affordable.

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Mother’s Day – Should we take Mom out to eat, OR make a meal at home?

Mother’s Day!  What does it mean for all Mothers and how do they want to celebrate the day?   

Do some want to spend time with their kids with a meal at home?  Or do they prefer going out to eat? Do some Mother’s want to be surprised with breakfast in bed? 

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Minnesota Weather – 70 degrees one day, then 39 degrees, just days later!

We truly do experience all types of weather in Minnesota, especially in the Twin Cities area.  We’ve had record highs, close to 70 degrees, then 39 degrees for highs, just days later. 

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Tips for Parents of Boomerang Kids

Your adult child has finished school and is now starting a new life — at home. According to a Pew Research Center survey, over half of parents in the U.S. with adult children say they helped their adult kids financially in the previous year. Some of that help came in the form of letting their kids move back home. If you’ll be welcoming a “boomerang” child, here are some tips to know.

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