Adventures in composting

Adventures in composting

I have always considered myself somewhat of an environmentalist. My inspiration started back in 1970, when I took part in the very first Earth Day and learned the importance of recycling and taking care of the planet. I am proud to report my family does an excellent job recycling items that can be repurposed and given new life. Then there’s the rest of it that ends up in the kitchen-size garbage bag for weekly delivery to the local landfill.

I had thought about composting some of what goes into the garbage bag, but then dismissed it as too much work. The landfill would take care of that part, right? I later found out that wasn’t necessarily true, and took another look at doing it at home. But first, I needed to learn how and have the right container to get started.

So imagine my delight when I checked out a local plant sale and discovered “The Earth Machine,” a plastic bin made exclusively for composting being offered at half the retail price. I stuffed the Earth Machine in the front seat of my Corolla and headed for home. The manual said it’s best to place the bin on soil, so I found a nice spot of dirt next to the garage. Then it was time to dig through the garbage for those discarded banana peels and apple cores. It’s amazing what can be composted – in addition to fruit and veggie remnants, you can also toss used paper towels, cardboard, newspapers, grass clippings, coffee grounds, used coffee filters and egg shells into the bin. And how cool is THIS - even dryer lint and hair can be composted!

No longer do I need to feel guilty about my overuse of paper towels or love of K-cups (okay, not quite as guilty – I can gut the contents and toss only the plastic cup). Redemption at last! To quote one of my favorite Muppets, it’s not easy being green, but it sure is smart!

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