Visa® Alerts

Visa Transaction & Fraud Alerts

Detect fraud within seconds

Receiving alerts about your Visa credit card keeps you informed and helps detect fraud within seconds. All the alerts are designed to help make you aware of purchases made without your authorization.

Visa Transaction Alerts

Set up optional transaction alerts on your Ideal Visa credit card to notify you via email or text when certain transactions take place, such as purchases exceeding a set amount, made outside the country, online or over the phone, and more.

Visa Fraud Alerts

Visa fraud alerts are designed to help make you aware of possible purchases made without your authorization. They allow you to quickly reply to confirm the activity as valid or that it was not authorized to prevent additional fraud on your account.

Set Up Visa Transaction & Fraud Alerts

Sign up for free Visa Transaction and Fraud alerts through Ideal Digital Banking:

  1. Log in to Ideal Digital Banking.
  2. Click on the Credit Cards Widget from the left-side menu.
  3. This will bring you to your Visa account portal.
  4. Click on the Communications dropdown.
  5. Select Fraud Alerts.
  6. Complete the on-screen instructions.

Need Additional Assistance?

For additional assistance setting up Visa Fraud Alerts, call Ideal Credit Union at 651-770-700 or visit a branch. We look forward to assisting you.