Spring Cleaning with Meaning

Every spring my husband and I start talking about projects we want to get done this spring/summer around the house. Inevitably, that discussion always turns to one topic – when are we going to clean out the shed? It is my least-favorite thing to discuss, primarily because there is a LOT OF STUFF in the shed, and the squirrels and hornets have claimed the space as their own for quite some time.

I thought perhaps I had dodged that chore this year, since we made a noble attempt last spring to purge some of the no longer needed contents. But alas, no such luck. There is still more to tackle in 2018.

So, I realized I need a new attitude for approaching it, which is when I found the following tidbit on spring cleaning: don’t just clear out the garage and attic (or in my case shed!); turn the act into something meaningful. For every five items you throw out, find one that you can repurpose. That old teapot from Great Aunt Debbie can serve as a whimsical centerpiece or vase for your next party. Your chunky jewelry from college just may be back in style now. Finding new uses for old items will save you from buying things you don’t need.

So, the next time we head for the shed, I’ll think twice before chucking that old stuff in the trash – and possibly find some forgotten treasures in the process.

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