Ways to Save for College

College change jar

  1. Apply for scholarships. While they don’t always cover your entire tuition, they can help alleviate the overall expense. Scholarships can also decrease the amount of student loans you have to apply for.
  2. Start saving now. It’s never too soon to start saving for college. Student savings accounts and CD’s are helpful to store your money until you’re ready to use it. CD’s in particular earn interest, ending up with more money than you started with.
  3. Get a job. Working hard and earning money is a great way to easily save money. It can be a summer job or a part time job at a local grocer or restaurant. Getting a job may also be mowing lawns or babysitting. Earning a regular income will help you build up your savings for college.
  4. AP classes. College level classes without cost. You may be taking or have heard of your classmates taking AP classes. If you’re able, they are a great resource to save money on your college education.

You may not be able to take advantage of all the resources, but know that they are all available to you and can help you save towards college. The more money you can provide up front, the less you will have to apply for in federal student aid.

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