International Data Privacy Day Jan. 28

young girl on a video call

With kids still attending online classes and many adults still working from their homes, we are using more and more data, which is increasing the possibility of our personal information getting into the wrong hands.

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Beware of Phishing Scams!


In all phishing scams, the scammer poses as a legitimate business or service provider where the victim may have familiarity. In this case, they may claim to represent your credit union. The fraudsters use social engineering, capitalizing on social norms to inspire trust and manipulate unsuspecting people.

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Ideal Credit Union Has Paid Its Members Over $4.6 Million as Part of Its Exclusive VIP+ Program


(Woodbury, MN – January 18, 2021) – Ideal Credit Union has paid $438,200 in Patronage Dividends to 3,381 qualified members as part of its exclusive VIP+ Program, which aims to reward members for their patronage and for actively participating in the cooperative. Funds were deposited into members’ savings accounts on January 2, 2021 and available that same day. Since 2013, Ideal CU has paid out over $4.6 million to VIP+ members.

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Home Improvement Projects with High Long-Term Returns

yellow door step

When you’re making improvements to your home, you’re not just making your life better in the short term. You’re also making an investment in your future. Ideally, the increase in the value of your home will exceed the cost of the improvement.

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