Quick And Easy Holiday Home Decor Tips On A Budget

‘Tis the season for holiday parties! Whether you’re hosting family for a traditional Christmas or getting friends together for a light holiday gathering, you need to make your house look its best. Here are a couple of ways you can make your entertaining space look and feel new without breaking the piggy bank!

  • Calendar art: Late in the year, current calendars are cheap in bookstores. They feature gorgeous images. Just cut, frame, hang, and enjoy!
  • Cut-out wall decor: Grab a National Geographic or a Travel magazine and display the beautiful landscapes on your wall, fridge, or bulletin board.
  • Custom matting: Heavy, single color paper is a cheap and easy way to add a personal touch to any picture.
  • Used frames: Lots of second-hand shops sell pictures for cheap. Pick them up, trash the picture, repaint the frame!
  • Shuffle up and decorate:Moving pieces from your bedroom to your living room can feel like getting new decorations without the cost.
  • Glass mannequin: Use vases, wine bottles, and old jars to display costume jewelry. It gives your flat surfaces a fun, funky look.
  • Color-code: Organize your bookshelves by color to create an accent wall without the trouble of painting.
  • Put out the fine china: Use bowls, plates, and serving trays to add color to your walls and surfaces.
  • Paint it white: Mismatched containers can look like a set with a quick coat of white paint. Display them together to complete the illusion.
  • Refit your furniture: Trim an unwieldy table down to size by cutting off the sides. A quick sanding and painting will have it looking sleek, modern, and efficient.





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