The Perks of Resume Builders

Constantly at school I hear about potential employers and faculty explaining just how important resume builders are during the college years. So during my freshman year I decided to check it out and see what exactly is out there; and explore the benefits for students.

While touring my university I came across a few organizations that stood out to me most: Student Ambassadors and Greek life. Student Ambassadors is an organization that works with the Admissions Office and provides first-hand knowledge to prospective and current students through tours and Q & A panels. Greek life (Sigma Nu) stood out to me primarily because of the values it stands for, grade requirements, friendship, job offers simply because of joining and so much more! I also like both since they are extremely involved with community service, volunteer work and the personal experience boosted my resume.

Because I was taking 18 credits, working part time and making time for friends I did not think participating in any more organizations would be possible. Little did I know at the time I was totally wrong! There is so much opportunity on college campuses that it is worth it to explore which ones are a best fit for you.

The most important part of a resume builder is ultimately to acquire a job. And that’s exactly what it did for me! I was looking for another part time job around the Mankato area and after the application process, I was contacted for an interview the next day. When I went to my interview, they were so impressed with my resume that I was hired on the spot. Unfortunately after accepting the offer, I was told I needed to work more hours than we initially agreed on weekly which didn’t fit into my schedule. Nonetheless, because of these resume builders it significantly increased my value to potential employers!

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