Budgeting: Knowing When and How to Indulge

A piggy bank getting a check-up at the doctor

Many people equate financial health with a life of deprivation, but this is far from the truth. In fact, living a life of true financial wellness means being happy with a lifestyle that is within your means, but does not leave you feeling like you are lacking.

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How to Build and Maintain an Excellent Credit Score

Credit Report

Your credit score is a crucial part of your financial health. The three little numbers measure the capacity of your credit, the proficiency of your money management, and your fiscal responsibility.

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What to Buy and What to Skip in September

Field with a blue sky

Get ready for savings on big-ticket items this month! Retailers are looking to bring the crowds back after the big back-to-school storm has passed, and bargain prices are always a great way to attract shoppers.

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6 Ways to Pay Less at the Pump

Filling up at the gas pump

Gas prices have long passed the $5 mark in much of the country, and in some areas, they’ve even gone beyond $6 a gallon.

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